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I will be at the Footnight party this Thursday, March 20th! That’s tomorrow! This is your opportunity to have these lovely little size 5 1/2 feet all over you face! If that isn’t enough for you to want to register, then consider the free beverages and a *hot* food buffet included with your entrance fee! What, access to sexy feet and free delicious food?! Yes!! You’ll also have the option of getting discounted admission and 1 hour early entrance (that means fresh feet!) if you select the pre-paid option. Rumor has it that I’ll be sporting a toe ring too!

So go register now! http://www.footnight.com/la.html

2014 NEWS!

I’m pretty much the worst at updating and I’ll probably continue to preface every text post with that. But here are some exciting things that are happening for me for January 2014 so far! And if I continue to be good about this, maybe I’ll post about the past exciting things that happened for me, too! 

  • I don’t think I mention that I’m in a book enough so here it is— I’m in a book, and there will be a book signing for that book at La Luz de Jesus Gallery on January 3rd 7-10PM (as you can probably also read in the flyer posted above). And I’ll be there! 
  • I will be in Las Vegas for AVN January 16-19. To my professional friends— book a shoot with me now!! 

  • It’s that time of year again and it’s an absolute honor for me and my award-winning feet to be nominated once again for the Footnight Awards, this time in TWO categories: 2014 Most Photogenic Feet and 2014 Fan Favorite! Please click here and here to vote for me and show me your love! The awards ceremony and foot party will be held January 23rd. I had such a blast at the last Footnight party, I’ll definitely be there!! So don’t forget to vote, vote, vote, and click here to reserve your spot NOW!

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yesterday I stopped by “Do with Me as You Will,” a 24-hour performance art piece at Sanctuary LAX with London based performance artist Martin O’Brien and legendary dominatrix artist Sheree Rose. 

I did my own little spanking bit on Martin until his ass got very, very red and marked up for performance art, and I thoroughly impressed Sheree with my spanking skills :)